Me and my Little Crew

Photo by Maria Hunter Photography

Mama, Wife, Photographer, Truthteller and Gigglemaker

Hello there! Happy to meet you. So, this is me. And my crew. When not working on your family photographic treasures, I am with these people 24/7.
My kids are by my side, attached at the hip, under foot and snuggled in. My husband and I are pretty much the same. We all adore and admire each other.
This summer we will celebrate 8 years of being a family on the grandest island on earth, Manhattan. We're raising "city kids" who know how to scoot in
and out of pedestrian traffic, love a good black and white cookie and ask to order take out way too much.

We think families are cool. Kids are wonderful. And memories are important. I am the youngest of eight kids and grew up on a farm with the polaroid camera
as our means of documenting our lives together. When I think of my childhood, my mind immediately focuses on images, taken on poloroid, now sunworn, of
our family in front of the big pine tree at dawn with the brand new calf we named Star, a diaper clad two year old self eating a chicken leg with siblings laughing
in the background, or beautiful black and white images of my parents in 1959 just after being married. I have those and so many more images memorized.
There aren't a lot of them, because film was expensive. But we have them. And I love them.

I photograph children and families so you can have images burned in your memory to make you smile. So let's make some pictures!


Photo by: Maria Hunter Photography